Water Lilies, Kings Weston Reservoir Bristol Kings Weston

For Sale
£300,000 asking price
Water Lilies, Kings Weston Reservoir, Bristol, Kings Weston
4 Bedrooms
Private Property
1 week 6 days ago


  • 4 bed family home
  • Opportunity to be part of an Eco self-build community
  • Sustainability features
  • Large communal garden with water lilies pond and community hub, BBQ pit and play
  • Car free development: all cars in underground car park
FROM £300,000

Located 4 miles from Bristol City centre Bristol-based self-build consultancy and pioneering developer, Bright Green Futures, are soon to release 9 more plots in phase 2 of their 33-home flagship self and custom build co-housing project, Water Lilies.*

Nestled in Kings Weston's park and woodland setting near Blaise Castle, Water Lilies presents a unique opportunity for buyers to design and build homes that meet their needs. Those who become part of the project will be able to benefit from a community garden and hub at its heart.
Residents will claim shared ownership of this space, which encourages care, neighbourly interaction and food growth whilst forming a safe and healthy environment for children to play in.

For Water Lilies, Bright Green Futures will build the shell of the home to the exact design of the customer, and then provides training and mentoring support to make the self-build journey easy. Doing it in a group also means that the future residents help each other and can save money through bulk buying, it also forges rewarding personal journeys and everyone is left with a bespoke home.
The Water Lilies self-builders won’t just end up with their dream home, but also a flourishing community.

Water Lilies knits into the existing landscape, converting an old reservoir into underground parking. With cars out of the way, this allows for a shared garden and community hub at the heart of the site that is directly accessible from everyone’s doorstep, creating a beautiful, safe and healthy environment for young and old.

This makes parenting easy and residents can enjoy immediate access to friends, amenities and nature whilst having complete privacy in their own home.

About the Developer
The Bright Green Futures team has unrivalled personal and professional experience of delivering community self-build projects in the UK. Steffie Broer, the founding director, formed the company based on findings from her award-winning doctoral research at The Centre for Urban Sustainability and Resilience at UCL. Since then, she became South West Champion for Energy Efficiency in 2016 for driving sustainability values within the company and developing solutions in its housing projects that address climate change and benefit residents wellbeing.

*Images are generic Bright Green Futures photos.

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