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Ten Top Tips Video

Viewing Checklist

Everything you need to know, what you need to check when viewing a potential new property.

Key Contacts

Keep a list of all your important contacts/providers in one place.

Preparing to move - the week before

What you should be doing in the week leading up to your big move.

Preparing to move - the first steps

When it comes to moving home, there is no such thing as enough time. The sooner you start cracking through the following, the less stressed you will be.

Budget Calculator

We understand that buying a property is the biggest investment you are likely to make in your life, so when it comes to working out what you can afford, it makes sense to get the figures right. Budgeting can be a painful task so we have designed this spreadsheet to do all the work for you. It will take some leg work on your part, but it'll be worth it! Save it to your computer and update it when things change so you only need to do the hard work once!